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South Australian
Athletic League

Santos Stadium, Mile End (First Floor).

08 8443 6177

Mobile (scratchings):
0434 549 184


Mailing Address:
PO Box 2006 HILTON SA 5033

Office Hours:
Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 4:45pm

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South Australian Athletic League

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Camden Oval
Anzac Highway
Feb 7th 2016, 11:45 am

Entrylist / Handicaps
Full fields and handicaps available here
Schedule of Events
Race day schedule available here

Latest Results

  • 120 Open
    1st Oliver Callahan
    Time: 12.566 (8 m)
    2nd Tim Johnson
    Time: 12.614 (10 m)
    3rd Jake Stangewitz
    Time: 12.625 (10.5 m)

  • 120 Women
    1st Lynette Viney
    Time: 14.098 (5.5 m)
    2nd Jessica Macolino
    Time: 14.202 (13.75 m)
    3rd Katie Jury
    Time: 14.205 (12.5 m)

  • 120 Under 20 Boys
    1st Hamish Petherick
    Time: 13.018 (6.25 m)
    2nd Sam Bentley
    Time: 13.044 (24 m)
    3rd Robert Kernick
    Time: 13.144 (11.5 m)

  • 120 Under 20 Girls
    1st Chelsea Holmes
    Time: 14.665 (16 m)
    2nd Ryelie McMullan
    Time: 14.902 (8.75 m)
    3rd Lexie Bentley
    Time: 14.973 (18 m)

  • 300 Under 14
    1st Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio
    Time: 42.830 (20 m)
    2nd Hunter Window
    Time: 43.520 (30 m)
    3rd Hugh Stagg
    Time: 43.880 (36 m)

  • 300 Under 17 Girls
    1st Chelsea Holmes
    Time: 44.500 (28 m)
    2nd Natassia Messent
    Time: 44.780 (2 m)
    3rd Isabella Park
    Time: 44.950 (20 m)

  • 300 Under 17 Boys
    1st Luke Whitford
    Time: 37.760 (18 m)
    2nd Hamish Petherick
    Time: 37.830 (10 m)
    3rd Hamish Buchanan
    Time: 38.640 (48 m)

  • 300 Over 35
    1st Mark Burns
    Time: 39.320 (39 m)
    2nd Sue Turner
    Time: 39.550 (68 m)
    3rd Richard McMahon
    Time: 39.720 (36 m)

  • 300 Women
    1st Katherine Dini
    Time: 40.970 (30 m)
    2nd Teagan Kustermann
    Time: 41.290 (26 m)
    3rd Jessica Macolino
    Time: 41.770 (32 m)

  • 300 Open
    1st Deng Bulabek
    Time: 35.770 (22 m)
    2nd Hayden Rothe
    Time: 36.160 (18 m)
    3rd Wallace Long-Scafidi
    Time: 36.340 (16 m)

  • 800 Open
    1st Corey Watkins
    Time: 1:57.32 (68 m)
    2nd Stephen Jelfs
    Time: 1:58.18 (68 m)
    3rd Bradley Kitto
    Time: 1:58.35 (60 m)

  • 3200 Open
    1st Riley Cocks
    Time: 9:19.39 (80 m)
    2nd Lachlan Scott
    Time: 9:20.23 (210 m)
    3rd Shane Thiele
    Time: 9:44.26 (225 m)

Complete results here

Closing Soon

Nominations close soon for the following meetings:

Closes 25/01/2016 *extended*

Closes 01/02/2016 *extended*

Closes 08/02/2016

Nominate here
Registration Prices 2015 - 2016: Second Half of Season  
Category With coach Self trained
Open $115 $125
Women $95 $105
First year open** $70 $80
Under 20 $70 $80
Under 17 $50 N/A
Over 35*** $65 $70
Coach only $20 N/A
Coach / Athlete $190 N/A
Country $115 $120
AWD $80 $90
Under 14* $50 N/A

*Under 14 and Under 17 athletes must be registered with a coach and cannot be self trained.
** Athlete who has not previously run with SAAL
*** Over 35 - Can only enter O35 and O45 races (age permitting) - Cannot enter Open races

The SA Athletic League's Mission Statement:

"To promote athletics as an enjoyable, healthy sport for people of all categories and abilities."

Latest News

2016 Camden Classic Handicap Adjustments

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There has been a change in the marks as released for Camden Classic: 400m U17 Boys // Corey Cox - 24.00m

2015 Camden Women’s Classic Winner – Demi Axford

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I began running in the SA Athletic League when I was only fourteen years old. As a junior I ran the majority of the races in the season, regardless of the tough handicaps I received as a new athlete to the League. The thrill of the chase for me was refreshing from the usual track and cross country racing that I regularly competed in. As the season’s progressed I gained a couple of second places in the Flinders 800 meets and the Henley 800. It was in the 2011 season that I was running really well, breaking school records, making my first cross country state team and finally winning my first sash in the Pulteney 400m school race, which I won off scratch. In the 2013 season, during my year 12 studies I came down with glandular fever, which halted my training and competing until late in the year. It was a particular testing and hard time for me, as I felt lost and not myself. It was later that year that I switched my focus from longer distance to building some speed over the shorter distances. My first race back after a significant racing break was the 2014 Camden Classic 400, which I just missed the final in. I was devastated but knew I needed a lot more fitness to finish a race like that off. That winter I concentrated on building a base of fitness for the following summer season, which I planned to concentrate purely on the track. It turned out however, that my speed was still very evident and I decided to compete in a few of the SA Athletic League events, including the 550m at the Bay Sheffield. This race was a huge breakthrough for me as an athlete as it showed my work through winter had paid off, enabling me to run a solid heat and final back to back. Coming second to Paige Graham in the final was a huge achievement for me, but it certainly got me thinking about going one better. I entered the 2015 Camden Classic hoping to make the final and to prove to myself I had improved from the previous season. I had never gone into a race with such a positive and determined mindset, and after making the final, I remember smiling and finally feeling that fire in my belly again. Between the heat and final I was so determined to win that race, and I wouldn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. It was a memorable moment standing on the line with all the girls that made the final, each and every one of them deserved to be there. Looking back at the race, I have vague memories of running any of it, except for the last 100m when I knew those girls were coming, and I really had to switch on mentally and tell myself how good the feeling would be to cross that line first. What drove me to the line was the thought of coming second again, and I didn’t want to endure that feeling again after losing at the Bay Sheffield. As a runner that experienced a couple of years of constant setbacks, the win for me was a personal break through that I desperately needed to reassure myself that hard work would produce results. It’s an honour to join the list of winners for this race, and it will forever be the race I’ll remember that I gained my confidence back and a little bit of “guts” to finish the race. I owe a big thank you to my coach Adam Didyk who works with such a diverse group of middle to long distance athletes, yet still has time to develop me as an athlete over the shorter distances. I have to thank my parents for getting me where I am today. They helped get me back to where I wanted to be, and it was a prize in itself to see their excitement and their proud smiles after I won. Lastly, it is of course important to acknowledge and thank the organisers, officials and sponsors, as a meet like this would not be possible without them.

2015 Camden Classic winner - Clay Watkins

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My running career started back in the spring of 2004. Until that point I had spent my summers playing district cricket for Kensington and winters playing in the underage SANFL for Sturt. I only really became interested in Athletics after being ruled out of cricket for the summer with a back injury. Paul Young, my first coach, saw me race a 400m at the City v.s Country meet at Santos that October and contacted me to invite me out to training. Success came quickly for me and after only 2 months of training and competing I had lowered my 400m PB to 48.68 and won a bronze medal at the U18 National Junior Championships. I was ‘hooked’. Following the National Junior Championships I turned my attention to my first Bay Sheffield carnival. On Day 1 I unexpectedly won the 120m Restricted and then on Day 2 I missed the final of the main race by inches. Full of confidence, I turned my attention to the 2005 Camden Classic. In my youthful ignorance I think I expected to just walk into the final given my recent 120m form and the fact that I was more suited to the 400m. Running off a handicap of 22m I hit the first 200m hard and found myself in the lead going into the home straight. To say I faded badly is probably an understatement and I spent the next 90 minutes vomiting and feeling very sorry for myself. I fronted up for the consolation final but was unable to muster much more than a jog around the track. Following my Bay Sheffield victory in 2005 I came back to Camden the next year off the reduced mark of 13m. I missed the final again this time running 2nd in my heat. In 2007 I really focussed on improving my 400m time and at the State Championships in 2007 I ran a PB of 46.99. Unfortunately, the time was seen by the handicapper to be too fast for someone running off the mark of 13m and I was pulled 2m to 11m. It turned out that those 2m certainly would have been useful as I ran a close 3rd to a young Wallace Long-Scafidi. In the following years I continued to finish frustratingly close, running 2nd in 2008 to Duncan Tippins off 9m and again in 2010 to James Boden off 4m. I was beginning to think that maybe I wasn’t meant to win the Camden Classic and didn’t enter the race the following 2 years. In 2013 I returned but was unable to get close, finishing 7th in the final. In 2014, I went into the race with good confidence having made the Bay Sheffield final off 3.25m. I again made my way into the final but having missed 2 months of proper training with a hamstring strain I didn’t have the conditioning to run two hard races in a day and I couldn’t manage any better than 8th in the final. At the beginning of the 2014 season, Paul Young, my long-time coach and the one whom had led me to a great number of successes as an athlete, took a back step from coaching and so I made the decision to train under the guidance of my good friend Dylan Hicks. Hicksy and I decided that the two main goals for the season would be to win the Camden Classic and to make the National 400m final. To accomplish both we knew that conditioning would have to be a major area of focus so we set out designing a program that we thought would get us there. My early season results were pleasing given the amount of volume that we were still doing in training and by the time January came around I was well placed to put in a month of very specific 400m work. Hicksy thought that as well as running more aggressively down the back, I would also need to have a very strong final 100m to cover the field and be able to backup to run two races in a day. To address this, he had me and my training partners Deng Bulabek and Wallace Long Scafidi run multiple sets of 300m reps followed by a fast 100m backup rep. At the beginning of the month I couldn’t finish the session but as the weeks passed I gradually became fitter and when my 100m backup times dropped below 11secs I started to believe I might actually win the Camden Classic. On the day I was surprisingly relaxed in comparison with previous years and I spent the morning not dreading the race like I had in the past. Warming up with Deng and Wallace, I could tell I was ready to run fast. I was switched on mentally and my legs felt really light. I cruised through my heat quite comfortably and walked away without any feeling of fatigue or lactic. This, I believe, was crucial and it was the first time that I had felt like this at Camden. Between the heat and the final I had a light massage and then went and sat with my dad and family. It was important having Dad there as I always feel relaxed having him there on race day. I told him I believed I could win but we agreed I would still need to attack the race and draw inspiration from the way Duncan TIppins had done it back in 2008. While warming up for the final, Hicksy came over and said he felt that I needed to use my superior sprint speed to catch Dylan Stenson early and that I would also need to cover Wallace before the 200m mark. I agreed and committed to running the race that way. When the gun went I accelerated hard to get up to Dylan and remembering my commitment to get past Wallace before the bend, I continued to push down the back while trying to stay relaxed. With 150m to go I was still 10m from the lead and hearing my dad yell, ‘Gotta go Clay!” I accelerated again with everything I had and started to close the gap rapidly. Coming off the bend, I ran into a wall of runners and for a split second I remembering thinking that I was going to again fall frustratingly close. Not willing to settle for anything less than a win this time; I swung out wide and gritted my teeth. My legs started to give away about 5m from home but by then I’d hit the lead and was committed to diving across the line if that’s what it was going to take. Thankfully, my legs carried me over the line upright and I punched the air in elation. Having my training partners (past and present) as well as my brothers and girlfriend swamp me after the line made the whole thing worth it. I’ve always loved the work that the Camden Athletic Club does in putting such a fantastic carnival together and I will always be proud of my achievement in winning such a great race.

Rules of Competition

Just a reminder that all athletes and coaches are expected to have read or be familiar with the rules of competition.
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They are available under the "About the league" tile above - under FAQ. Kind regards, Michelle and Deb

Marion Gift Carnival now starting at 6.00pm

The forecast for Sunday is 38 degrees which means our hot weather policy must be implemented and races will now commence at 6pm. A revised Schedule of Events will be available on the website soon.
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2nd half of the season registrations

Registration fees for the second half of the year only are now available online. If you have thought about coming out and running with us but missed the first half of the season, take advantage of the reduced registration fees and register now.
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Season 2015 / 2016 Carnival Dates






Closing Date

16 Oct 2015

Henley Memorial Oval-Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach (FRI night)

14 Sept 2015

1 Nov 2015

Flinders - Flinders University Athletic Oval (SUN)

5 October 2015

7 Nov 2015

Port Adelaide - Alan Iverson Reserve (SAT night)

12 October 2015

20 Nov 2015

Western Districts Athletic Carnival - Ellis Park, Adelaide (FRI night)

26 October 2015

29 Nov 2015

Sacred Heart - Sacred Heart College Senior Main Oval (SUN)

2 Nov 2015

6 Dec 2015

Colley Reserve Pre Bay - Colley Terrace, Glenelg (SUN)

9 Nov 2015

13 Dec 2015

Brighton - Brighton Oval, Brighton Road (SUN)

16 Nov 2015

27 / 28 Dec 2015

Bay Sheffield - Colley Reserve Glenelg (SUN / MON)

9 Nov 2015

10 Jan 2016

Marion - Marion Sports & Community Club Oval, Sturt Road Marion (SUN)

14 Dec 2015

23rd Jan 2016

Tea Tree Gully - Bulkana Oval, Spring Crescent, Banksia Park (SAT night)

28 Dec 2015

7 Feb 2016

Camden - Camden Oval, Anzac Highway (SUN)

11 Jan 2016

21 Feb 2016

Hectorville - Daly Oval, Fisher Street, Hectorville (SUN)

25 Jan 2016

27 Feb 2016

Loxton - Loxton Sport & Recreation Oval, Bookpurnong Terrace, Loxton (SAT night)

1 Feb 2016

5 Mar 2016

Flagstaff - Flagstaff Hill Oval, Black Road, Flagstaff Hill (SAT night)

8 Feb 2016

20 Mar 2016

Pulteney/McKinnon - Pulteney Grammar Oval, South Terrace, Adelaide (SUN)

23 Feb 2016

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Declare times and personal bests

It is the athlete's responsibility to declare their personal bests, as well their 10 most recent performances outside the SAAL.
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Times can be submitted via email, and the office will forward them to the handicappers.

Re-registration and password retrieval

If you have been a member of the SAAL before please note you should re-register, rather than create a new membership. To do this you will require a password.
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A password retrieval system is now in place for those who have forgotten/lost their password from previous seasons. If you select “Athlete Tools” and scroll down to “Retrieve Password”, you can follow the prompts to reset your password.

Registrations now Open!!!

Registrations for season 2015 / 2016 are now open.
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Fees are slightly cheaper in the early bird period, which runs through until 31 July 2015. Hope to see and hear from you all soon. Kind regards, Michelle and Deb